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Academic Credit Disclaimer  

NRCSA uses reasonable endeavors to ensure that material contained on its web pages and the NRCSA website as a whole is correct at the time the page was created and last modified.

NRCSA schools vary in instructional methodology and materials, levels offered, and resources available. With this in mind, all students who are interested in obtaining academic credit for their study abroad program are encouraged in the following:

  •   To read and review NRCSA school information pages carefully;

  •   To contact NRCSA to discuss and receive advice as to which foreign school(s) would best meet their specific circumstances and academic needs;

  •   To be advised that, while NRCSA tries to accommodate all student academic credit needs for a particular foreign school, this may not always be possible. For example, all NRCSA schools in the Spanish speaking world are able to meet Spanish language and conversation requirements, but a particular school may not have the resources to provide courses in higher level literature or history courses;

  •   To be aware that NRCSA reserves the right at any time to make changes as it deems appropriate

Select the foreign program of interest to you. Coordinate the matter of credit acceptance with your home school or employer in advance.

A. If your home school accepts credit directly from the foreign school, register for study abroad by returning the completed NRCSA PreRegistration Form and deposit to NRCSA. Coordinate credit requirements with your home school.

B. If your home school will not accept credit from abroad and wants you to work through a US sponsoring university, advise NRCSA which foreign school you wish to attend. NRCSA will send you the administrative requirements of the US universities working with that foreign school (different US schools work with different foreign schools).

  • If you appear to meet those requirements (including admission deadlines), first complete and return the NRCSA Preregistration Form to NRCSA with your deposit and a note stating your academic needs.
  • Upon acceptance by the foreign school, you will be given instructions to also register with the corresponding US university. (If your application is denied by the US university due to your grade-point or lack of prerequisites, your foreign school deposit will be refunded in full.
  • You will relate to NRCSA for foreign program information and the US university for credit/transfer credit issues and requirements.
  • The entire process can usually be completed in a few weeks assuming you have the necessary background to take the selected courses abroad.

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