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Immersion Spanish Programs in Malaga, Spain  



Over the 25 years of its existence, the school staff and administration have developed a highly effective teaching system which has been made into a series of textbooks. These books form the basis of most of the teaching but they are also supplemented by other materials drawn from TV, radio, music, magazines, etc. The books contain a progressive series of lessons with integrated exercises and homework, each of which are intended to form one day's work.

Although the teaching is essentially "communicative" and you are encouraged to speak Spanish from day 1, we also ensure that you gain a good understanding of the grammar and structure of the language. The teachers have been trained in both traditional and more modern teaching methods and frequently use role-plays, suggestopedic methods, rhythm exercises and word games.

For the complete classification of Spanish levels offered, please click here.

The programs have been carefully designed to provide an intensive, progressive course, with a good balance between the various skills and continual reinforcement of the new points introduced each day. Each day's class work is further reinforced by an average of 1 - 2 hours integrated homework.

The programs are offered in progressive 4-week units. The minimum duration is 2 weeks and longer stay students will normally complete the entire program in 20-24 weeks. Those staying for only 2 weeks receive half a 4-week Unit.

In Advanced classes there are also special lessons on Spanish culture, history, geography, etc.

Class times for the Intensive Program are 8.30 - 12.30 or 14.30 - 18.30 (2:30PM - 6:30PM) or 16.00 - 20.00 (4:00PM - 8:00PM).

Class times for the Special Intensive Program are 8.30 - 14.30 (8:30AM - 2:30PM) or 14.30 - 20.30 (2:30PM - 8:30PM).

*Class times are subject to variation.

Class times can be scheduled to the student's needs or wishes. Please indicate on the NRCSA Preregistration Form what time schedule you would like. Students may also request an examination at the end of the course.

Intensive Group
Group 20 hours per week. Minimum Age 16.
The school's Intensive is the standard general Spanish programs with a maximum of 10 students per class. The Intensive Program includes 4 lessons per day, while the Special Intensive Program consists of 6 lessons per day. Both programs are offered at all levels from total beginner to advanced and cover all aspects of the Spanish language.

Super Intensive Mini-Group
Mini-Group 30 hrs/wk. This program consists of 6 lessons per day and like the Intensive Group Program, is offered at all levels from total beginner to advanced and covers all aspects of the Spanish language. 6 Students per class.

One-to-One Tutor Program
Minimum Age 18
The One-to-One Tutor program is the frequently preferred option for the highly demanding business or professional person. This program is based around the course books, but the supplementary materials are adapted to the client's individual needs. In addition, the school can adapt the style of teaching to the individual student's preferred method of learning, resulting in faster progress.

DELE Exam Preparation Course
4 week program is designed specifically to prepare students for the DELE exam administered by the Instituto Cervantes. The exam dates for 2004 are May 14 and Nov 12. The April DELE Exam Preparation Course will be completed two weeks before the May exam date. Exam preparation course price does not include DELE exam fees.

Executive Mini-Group Program
Mini-Group 30 hours per week. Minimum Age 18.
Total beginner to advanced levels accepted. This is a highly intensive course in 2 week units designed for business executives, professionals and other highly motivated people who need to make rapid progress in a short time. As the Mini-Group program aims to progress very rapidly, participants will need to dedicate a lot of time and effort outside the lesson hours to practice and consolidate the work introduced in class. Actual progress will, of course, depend on the linguistic aptitudes of the participants. With an average of 4 in a class (max. 6) each participant receives a high degree of personal attention and gets plenty of opportunity to speak. Furthermore, the supplementary materials used in the more communicative sessions can take into account the individual needs and interests of the group members. Class times are 08.30 to 14.30 (subject to variation).

Examinations are not offered as a part of this course, however, an internal examination can be arranged outside of normal class hours.

Participants may take advantage of the extra degree of comfort provided in the Executive Single rooms in student residence. This lodging option is available at additional cost.

Spanish for International Trade & Commerce
This is a specialized course of 4 weeks 4 lessons per day in Intensive Group format. You need to have an advanced level of Spanish to join this course. This course combines the study of advanced Spanish with the teaching of concepts and customs of commerce in Spain: e.g. Import/export procedures, banking infrastructure, the Media, marketing, business correspondence, etc at the 5th and 6th hours.

Participants may use this course to prepare themselves for the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and take the examination at the end of the course at additional cost. When registering for this course, please indicate if you would like to take the exam.

Spanish Hispanic Studies Program
Group 20 hours per week. Minimum Age 18.
This program is intended for students who want to attain a high level of Spanish and learn about the civilization and culture of Andalucía and Spain. Students completing the program may also prepare for the University Entrance Examinations for Overseas students: "Selectividad para Extranjeros".

The program is divided into 2 terms. Students may choose to take either one term or both.:

1. Term I (16 Weeks): Starting in August or September each year, this is an Intensive course of General Spanish from the Beginner level (A1) through Advanced level (C2). Students may join the course at 4 week modules according to their level. Aim: To prepare students for Term II by covering levels A, B and C at a slightly slower pace and in greater depth than in the standard Intensive Program.

2. Term II (20 Weeks): Starting in January each year this course combines Advanced Spanish from Superior 1 level (D1) through Master 2 level (E2) and aspects of Spanish culture and civilization. The latter is taught at pre-University level. Students may join the course in 4 week modules according to their level. Aims: To cover levels D and E and prepare students for the DELE Básico, provide students with an overview of Spanish civilization and culture and, for those who want, a preparation for the "Selectividad". Students who wish to prepare for the "Selectividad" must take the full 20 week Term II.

Hispanic Studies Term II Content

Month;  Number of Weeks;   Prerequisite;  Content

January 4 Weeks C2 Spanish + Geography, History I, Art I.

February 4 Weeks D1 Spanish + History II, Literature I, Spanish Way of Life.

March 4 Weeks D2 Spanish + History III, Art II, Literature II.

April 4 Weeks D2 Spanish OR DELE Basico + Social & Political Institutions, The Economy.

May 4 Weeks D2 Spanish + Spanish Cinema & the Media, Textual Comparisons.

Note: Supplementary books for Term II are not included in the program cost. Students may purchase these books at the school.

For the complete classification of Spanish levels, please click here.


* All students who attend classes regularly will receive a Certificate of Attendance.
* Students successfully passing the school's examinations in Spanish will receive a school-generated Diploma in Hispanic Studies.

Spanish & Flamenco
Group Spanish 20 hours per week + 10 Flamenco Lessons.

This program combines the Spanish Group Program 20 hours per week with a Flamenco dance lesson program.

Dance is a fundamental part of Andalucian and Hispanic culture in general. With a large and well-equipped dance studio, our center in Malaga is ideally placed to offer programs of Spanish combined with Dance.

This program serves as an introduction to the world of Flamenco via Sevillanas, Rumbas and other typical Flamenco dance styles.

Start date for 2011: May 2, Sept. 12, and Oct. 24.

Spanish & Salsa
Group Spanish 20 hours per week + 10 Salsa Lessons.

This program combines the Spanish Group Program 20 hours per week with a Salsa dance lesson program.

Start dates for 2011: May 2, Sept 12, and Oct 24.

Spanish & Cooking
This program is designed for people with a serious interest in food and cooking and who want to find out about Spanish cookery while improving their Spanish or learning the language as a beginner.

Program includes:
-2 cookery lessons each week: Each lesson will comprise a brief introductory talk and the preparation of a complete menu.
-2 dinners per week, including wine: the participants enjoy a meal with the teacher
-1 cultural talk per week on gastronomy topics: in Spanish of course!
-Cookery course textbook: an illustrated recipe book including the most famous Spanish dishes.
-A cook’s apron: a stylish apron to use during the course and to take home.
-1 local visit: a visit to a place of gastronomic interest in Malaga
-Farewell lunch (2 week course only)

1 or 2 week Start Dates: April 18, May 30, September 26, October 24, 2011
1 Week (no beginners) Start Dates:April 25, June 6, October 3, October 31, 2011

Master Class Senior Program

Group 15 hours per week + Daily Fieldtrips & Activities. Average Age 62.
This 2-week program has been designed especially for young-at-heart retired people who want to make the most of the extra time they now have available. The school has created a course that combines some highly practical language study with social activities and visits to places of cultural and historical interest. 3 levels are available: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The emphasis will always be on speaking.

The Beginners will concentrate on highly practical situations such as how to ask directions, order drinks and food, book excursions, etc. The more advanced students will also discuss aspects of Spanish life, society, culture and politics. After your lessons the school arranges a program of daily activities and excursions to make the most of Andalucía's rich culture and history. These are frequently accompanied by a teacher and are often prepared in class. For example, you might learn the vocabulary of food, weights, measures and prices and then visit the Central Market with its vibrant atmosphere and spectacular displays of fish, sea food and fruits. Here you would practice asking the names and prices of the various items and enjoy the hustle and bustle.

Young Adult Summer Program: Ages 16-20 years. A special program designed for older teens.

View more information about the Young Adult Summer Program


Admissions & Academic Credit

Students age 16 years and older are welcomed into the Intensive, Special Intensive, and Spanish & Dance Programs regardless of educational background, occupation or nationality. No previous knowledge of Spanish is required.

Students ages 16-20 years are welcome in the Young Adult Program regardless of educational background, occupation or nationality. No previous knowledge of Spanish is required.

The school welcomes students age 18 years and older into the One-to-One Tutor, Executive Mini-Group, Commercial Spanish, Spanish Hispanic Studies Programs regardless of educational background, occupation or nationality. No previous knowledge of Spanish is required except where otherwise indicated.

The average age for the Master Class Senior Program is 62 years and all are welcome over the age of 50 regardless of educational background, occupation or nationality. No previous knowledge of Spanish is required.

The Teacher Refresher Course is open to both native and non-native Spanish speakers 20 years and older regardless of nationality, however, non-native Spanish speakers must be practicing teachers of Spanish as a second language.

Students desiring credit for their study should contact their home school or request the NRCSA Credit Fact Sheet. Generally, U.S. schools consider 15 hours of study to be equal to 1 semester credit.

For more information about academic credit in Spanish speaking countries, please click here.
For general information on academic credit, please click here.


Certificates & Exams

There are regular internal examinations to assess the progress of each student, with the exam policy varying depending on the course. Assuming you attend classes regularly you also receive a Certificate of Attendance.

A diploma will be awarded to those who pass the examinations of the Advanced and Superior level courses.

The DELE diplomas are official diplomas given by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science which recognize the candidate as having a certain skill level in the Spanish language. Preparation for the following DELE exams in the Humanities is offered at additional cost:

  •   Diploma Incial
  •   Diploma Básico
  •   Diploma Superior
Program Overview (PDF)

Super Intensive Mini-Group
One-to-One Tutor
DELE Exam Preparation
Executive Mini-Group Program
Spanish for International Trade & Commerce
Spanish Hispanic Studies
Spanish & Dance
Master Class Senior
Spanish & Cooking
Young Adult Summer

Admissions & Academic Credit
Certificates & Exams

Social & Sporting Activities


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