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Lodging & Arrivals - Vitoria, Spain  



ZADOR offers several types of accommodation:
Homestay ZADOR arranges accommodation with local host families. These families are carefully chosen, visited and evaluated often by the school's housing coordinator, and can vary from married couples with children to single working adults. Students are encouraged to outline as completely as possible their preferences for a host family upon registration with NRCSA.
Since most inhabitants of Vitoria live in the urban area, the majority of homestays are flats. Only a small percentages (less than 5%) are in single-family homes outside the city. Most homestay flats consist of three bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and two bathrooms. Students are provided with a private bedroom, bed linens, bath towels and their own key to the flat. The student will have use of the washing machine (if available) to wash clothes, but should let the host know when he/she plans to do so. The distance from homestay to school is a maximum of 23-30 minutes walk or 10-15 minutes by bus. City buses run every 10-15 minutes.

While 2 meals daily are included in the homestay, most of the adult members of the host families work and students may sometimes be required to make their own breakfast as varying schedules don't always allow the family to breakfast together. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day and it is usually the time for the whole family to get together and share a meal. During the week, lunch is between 13.30(1:30PM) and 15.00(3:00PM), while on weekends it is between 14.30(2:30PM) and 15.00(3:00PM). If arriving for lunch late or unable to come, students should notify the host in advance. With the exception of families with children, dinner is quite informal and there is usually no fixed time. On some occasions, students will sometimes be required to prepare their own dinner.

Students with special dietary requirements or allergies should indicate this upon registration through NRCSA.

Shared Flat For the independent student, ZADOR offers a shared flat option. The flat is shared with either other students who are also studying at ZADOR or with local Spaniards. Each student is provided with a private bedroom with desk and a key to the flat, while the kitchen, bathroom and other living spaces are shared. Students should bring their own bath towels and bed linen.

Since no meals are included, students are expected to shop for and prepare their own meals. Students should keep their own room neat and tidy, while the cleaning of common rooms will be shared by all. A deposit, payable upon arrival, is required (approximately $100USD) and is refundable upon departure if no damage has been done to the flat.

Most flats are located in the city centre and very close to the school. With a few exceptions, the average walking distance from the flat to the school is 15 minutes.

Residence Single and double room residences, similar to dormitory rooms, are available on a vary limited basis. Students are provided with a private bedroom and 2 meals daily (cold meals), but should bring their own bath towels and bed linen. Bathrooms are shared. Upon arrival, students are supplied with an information form which includes the rules and timetable of the residence.

A deposit, payable upon arrival, is required (approximately $100USD, but varies from residence to residence) and is refundable upon departure if no damage has been done to the residence. Distances to the school vary, but should be no more than 15-20 minutes by bus, with some closer residences being 10-15 minutes on foot.

This accommodation option is recommended for younger students (18-23). Students wishing to arrange this type of accommodation are encouraged to register well in advance.

Other Accommodation Hotel, hostel and guesthouse accommodations are available on request and at additional cost. Most are situated downtown and prices vary greatly.


Arrival Information

  •   Arrival transfer from the Vitoria, Bilbao or Hendaya airport is available on request and at additional cost.
  •   ZADOR sends lodging information 7 - 14 days prior to departure. Information of where to go and how to get there will be sent to students prior to departure.

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