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NRCSA Center: Complete Immersion Homestudy - Dublin, Galway & Cork, Ireland  


Introduction to the Program and Area

Private or semi - private tutor foreign language classes are provided by your teacher at your lodging. Teachers are highly trained professionals with years of experience in the teaching of their language to foreigners.

Lodging is in homestays of native speakers. Only the target language is spoken in the homestay. Residences are typically outside of heavily touristed areas, in neighborhoods where the target language predominates.


About Dublin, Cork, and Galway

On the banks of the River Liffey, Dublin sits as a splendidly monumental city, but it's also a young city. It's the collision of the old and the new, the slick and the tawdry, that makes Dublin the exciting, aggravating, energetic place it is. Above all, Dublin is a place whose pulse must be taken over some time, possibly with the aid of a glass of Guinness, apocryphally tasting of the peaty waters of the Liffey.

Everywhere in Cork there's evidence of the city's history as a great mercantile centre, with grey stone quaysides, old warehouses, and elegant, quirky bridges spanning the River Lee to each side of the island core. Cork is home to a large jazz festival at the end of October each year and boasts the Cork Public Museum, which is primarily a museum of Republican history with side exhibits on the city trades and guilds, silver and glassware and local natural history.

The city of Galway can be difficult to leave: it has become a playground for disaffected Dubliners, and folksy young Europeans return each year with an almost religious devotion. University College Galway guarantees a high number of young people in term time, but the energy is never more evident than during its festivals, especially the Arts Festival in the last two weeks in July.



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