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IH Spanish Language School - Bogota, Colombia  


About The NRCSA Center

Located in the center of the country at an altitude of approximately 2,600 meters, Bogotá enjoys an almost perfect climate with average temperatures varying from 9 to 23 degrees centigrade.

The city has a population of around 8 million and is divided into a number of different areas including the historic center 'La Candelaria', the downtown business district and several modern and prosperous suburbs.

Getting around is relatively easy and inexpensive thanks to the city's innovative TransMilenio metro-bus service. There are too many things to do and see in the city to list here but among the highlights are the colonial style buildings of La Candelaria; the Gold Museum with its unique collection of pre-Colombian gold work; the view from the Monastery of Monserrate which overlooks the city and the Botanic gardens which is like a miniature national park.

Safety Colombia still suffers from an image of lawlessness fomented by the activities of guerrilla groups and drug cartels.

Thankfully, violent crime has tumbled dramatically over recent years. So much so that Lonely Planet, the travel publisher, chose Colombia as one of its top ten travel hotspots for 2006, in large part because of improvements in safety.

Of course travelers to Bogotá still need to take care, as indeed they have to in any large city, but the vast majority of visitors will experience nothing but warmth, hospitality, honesty and politeness.


About Bogota

At first sight, Bogotá may not impress you. The constant rain, chilliness, and ominous pine-forest mountains make London seem downright sunny. But give Bogotá time and you will discover a sophisticated city of sky scrapers, glitzy upscale shopping centers, restaurants to satisfy even the most discerning palettes, and a nightlife that will leave you needing a vacation from your vacation. Colombia's capital, and by far the country's largest city, Bogotá is a sprawling metropolis, home to eclectic, experimental architecture, a large bohemian university crowd, a lively cafe scene, and dozens of attractive city parks. It is a city bursting with energy and culture.

However, Bogotá is one of Latin America's safer cities and it's unlikely you'll encounter any serious problems.


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