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NRCSA's Best Budget Programs  

Money woes got you down?  You can't afford to miss some of these top value study abroad destinations!

With all the talk about the economy, the lower value of the US and Canadian Dollars against the Euro, rising gas prices, etc - thinking about study abroad as an investment in your future (or in the case of a long needed educational vacation - your sanity!) may seem to be more of a luxury than a necessity.

But as is often the case, just look and ye shall find...

Even now, many study abroad destinations are surprisingly affordable.  You often can't stay at home doing nothing for less than what it costs to have an all-inclusive study experience in one of these culturally rich places.  NRCSA has brought back our list of the top 20 most affordable study abroad programs - a continuously updated list of some of the best values in language study abroad.   From a two week language vacation on the coast in Honduras for less than $40 per night (inclusive of tuition, room and full board) a month language and culture program, including lodging, in the "cultural heart" of Japan - the historic city of Kyoto - for less than half the cost of an average hotel stay there...a little-known secret is that some of the best programs for study abroad are actually easy on the pocketbook.

Yes - living as part of another culture can make you a more empathetic and culturally sensitive person.  Learning a new language can make you more marketable, a more savvy traveler, and better educated.  But to do all this at a more affordable price?


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