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Cities In Italy
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Portico di Romagna
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NRCSA Center: Portico Language Institute
Portico di Romagna, Italy  


About the NRCSA Center

The NRCSA Center in Portico di Romagna was established in cooperation with the community of Portico di Romagna. Students can expect a high degree of professionalism from the local staff and teachers. All of the teachers have extensive experience in teaching Italian to foreigners and are native speakers. Classes are taught in small groups giving students the ability to interact with their classmates and teacher to reinforce the language as they learn it.

Students are taught using the didactic method which is based on the inductive and deductive approach. The lessons of all levels are held in Italian so the student becomes accustomed to the sound and the rhythm of the language.

The lessons are held in one of the typical houses in the centre of Portico, a few meters away from the students' accommodations. In the summer months lessons at times held outside, in the garden of the historical palazzo Portinari, in the shadow of an antic tower.


About Portico di Romagna

Portico di Romagna and San Benedetto, a single community made up of three small centers, was originally, that is, in the Middle Ages, part of the Princedom of Tuscany. From an administrative point of view, it is today part of Emilia Romagna. It has remained a picturesque and historical little town, situated in one of the many Appenine valleys between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. Well restored medieval buildings, oak beams and narrow streets characterize the town. It is an interesting place which invites one to relax and to enjoy life outdoors. There are plenty of opportunities, as well, for outdoor activities and sports, such as trekking, riding and canoeing.

The `Romagnoli', as the city inhabitants are referred to, are amongst the most friendly and forthcoming of all Italians. You will find it easy to make contacts, and you will be pleasantly surprised by their unforgettable politeness, honesty and generosity. The town and the villages in the vicinity organize, all through the year, various different cultural events - the Harvest Festivals, for instance, to which you are, of course, invited. In the woods nearby one can go for beautiful walks and peacefully regain harmony with the world of nature. The remnants of the past, from the early Roman days to the Middle Age, will attract those with a, eye for history.

"Emilia Romagna is well-known, not only in Italy, for its homemade noodles and pasta. Typical of these are ravioli, tortellini, capelletti and taglialelle alla bolognese. The roast veal and beef as well as venison dishes are also extremely good. Local specialties are truffles and wild mushrooms. Local wines of international repute are the red Sangiovese and the white Albana.

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