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Program & Admission Information - St. Petersburg, Russia  



The programs are intensive and demand full participation from the student. It also helps if the student has a certain does of self-discipline to continue their studies and to practice outside of the classroom. Must students find, however, that this intensive approach is the fastest way to learn Russian. The serious, yet pragmatic, approach to language teaching does not hinder the staff from maintaining an informal atmosphere in and around the NRCSA Center. Teachers, teaching plans, and textbooks are all geared towards a comparatively high speed of learning. For most levels, it is recommended that the student plan on 3 to 12 weeks in a general group course or 2 to 8 weeks in one-to-one courses to complete each level. For general group courses the NRCSA Center uses its own customized text book that is regularly tested and improved.

The language in the classroom is Russian, however, the staff does encourage the use of bilingual dictionaries. Teachers will use, where needed, supplementary explanations in English, German and French. Textbooks and other material will be provided to the students, but students are expected to bring Russian grammar books, dictionaries, etc. These additionally books are helpful in making the student familiar with the material, and especially help when doing the required homework. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes. Free time between or after the lessons may be used to work in the library.

The NRCSA Center is closed on public holidays. All lessons scheduled for those days will be made up either before or after the holiday. Lessons can sometimes be arranged on public holidays if a special request is made.

Group Course 20 lessons per week. Communicative teaching methods with small groups of maximum 8 students per class make this popular course a pleasurable and enriching experience for everyone participating. Group courses are offered from February to October with a minimum course length of 2 weeks.

The course syllabus is dynamic and follows a modular pattern made of 2 week units. For participants who stay 4 weeks or longer, the following units will build up on grammar basics of unit one, treating the same grammar topics from a different angle with more in-depth explanations, with a more complex vocabulary, different exercises, more dialogues and role-play in class.

The small group size of maximum 8 students per group combined with a sizable amount of homework is intended to make an impact right from the beginning. The feeling of success will help to maintain a high level of motivation which in turn is essential for the necessary discipline.

Common lectures in addition to the 20 weekly lessons of proper language teaching will be held twice a week covering a number of interesting subjects including but not limited

  •   History of St. Petersburg
  •   History of Moscow
  •   Russian Economy
  •   Current Politics

Intensive Group Course comprises 25 lessons per week in groups with maximum ten participants. The morning lessons (20) are taken together with the students, which have booked our Standard Group Course. The afternoon supplement (5 lessons on two days usually Tuesday and Thursday)

* A1 - Beginner
* A1+/A2 Elementary
* B1 Intermediate
* B2 Upper-intermediate

The content of this afternoon supplement focuses on subjects of general interest like Business and Economy, Russian Mass Media Today; Culture, History and Literature.

Professional Tutor Course 20 lessons per week. The one-to-one Professional Tutor Course is individually structured for each student and is designed primarily for executives, government officials, professionals, interpreters and future Russia/CIS representatives. The individual approach speeds up the learning process and focuses on the needs of the particular client without having to compromise on, or take into consideration, other students.

The exact content of the course will be jointly determined by the teacher and the student. The student is invited to specify the fields of interests he/she wants to cover by filling in the school's comprehensive needs analysis which will be sent to the student after he/she has enrolled in the course. This gives the teacher a accurate idea of what the student wants to achieve and allows us to select material, establish a study plan and build in the specific vocabulary required.

This course is demanding and requires full concentration during the lessons to achieve maximum results. As the course proceeds, success is monitored by an institutionalized system of progress reports at the end of each study week. Those enrolled in the 30 lesson per week course will be taught by a team of two or three teachers who work closely with one another and prepare the study plan together.

The Professional Tutor Course can be booked throughout the year and the minimum course length is one week. Each lesson has a duration of 50 minutes.


Admissions & Academic Credit

Students 16 years and older are welcomed regardless of educational background, occupation or nationality. No previous knowledge of Russian in required except where otherwise indicated.

It is strongly recommended that all participants check whether they have to renew their vaccinations against diphtheria. Other vaccinations are not required at present. A Russian visa is required for most foreigners traveling to Russia. Invitation letters will be provided from the NRCSA Center in Russia to assist in your procurement of a Russian visas prior to commencement of your study program. Please contact NRCSA if you have any questions concerning the visa application process. Foreign students staying more than three months in Russia require, in principle, an HIV-test. We advise you to check with your local Russian consulate.

Students desiring credit for their study should contact their home school or request the NRCSA Credit Fact Sheet. Generally, U.S. universities consider 15 hours of study to be equal to 1 semester credit.

For general information on academic credit, please click here.



All participants receive a certificate at the end of their course issued by the school in Russian.

Program Overview (PDF)

Group Course
Intensive Group Course
Professional Tutor Course

Admissions & Academic Credit

Cultural & Social Activities


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