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NRCSA Center: Spanish School Sucre
Sucre, Bolivia  


About the NRCSA Center

We invite you to study Spanish, and be immersed in the unique culture of Bolivia. Located in the heart of Sucre in a quiet historic, colonial area, just a few blocks away from the city center, the school offers a high quality program focusing on the four basic language skills: listening, grammar, oral and written comprehension. To ensure complete Spanish language immersion, English is not permitted at any time in the classroom and most programs are one-to-one.

Our teachers are trained and qualified to teach Spanish as a foreign language. Students can choose to have a new instructor every week in order to provide a great variety of learning experiences. The school offers more than just an ordinary linguistic program found in other institutions. We provide courses that are specially geared to the individual students' needs.

Teachers are chosen for their ability to listen, their enthusiasm, kindness, patience, but most of all for their love of teaching Spanish to foreign students. All teachers know how to motivate, develop and support students' curiosity and interest in the Spanish language, Bolivian culture and social life. The teachers are accustomed to teaching beginners as well as intermediate and advanced students from all over the world.

Our teachers also know that the learning process continues outside the classroom. For this reason, classes may be held in a variety of locations with the Bolivian people themselves, such as in parks, town squares, markets, cafes, colonial ruins etc. In all cases the student decides where he would like to study and what he would like to see following his private instructor's initial orientation.

Our school has broadband Internet terminals and free wireless. Just bring your computer to access it!


About Sucre

Sucre is the beautiful colonial judicial capital located in the Andean highlands of Bolivia. Known as the "White City of the Americas" due to its numerous colonial buildings, all of which are painted in white and topped with shiny red tile roofs. Set in a valley surrounded by low mountains, Sucre is small (pop. 150,000) so that it is very easy to explore on foot. A university town, known as the center of learning and progressive thought within Bolivia, Sucre has many museums, a lively central plaza, shops and restaurants. The city has a youthful, energetic feel despite its old-fashioned look created by the numerous ancient mansions and colonial churches.

This charming colonial city and its nearby villages has a sizable Indigenous population who maintain their customs and colorful dress. Locals and visitors are attracted to the markets where food, textiles and other products are sold in barter fashion.

Nearby is Potosi, which was one of the most important silver mining centers in the world with the largest and richest population in Latin America (SIGLO XVII). It is an integral part of Bolivian history.

Because of its historical significance and its wealth of colonial architecture, UNESCO declared the Historic City of Sucre a "World Heritage Site" On December 13, 1991.

The main attractions in and around the city include:
  •   Casa de la Libertad: House located on the main plaza, where the declaration of independence of Bolivia was signed.
  •   Palacio de la Glorieta: formerly an outstanding palace owned by the wealthy entrepreneur Don Francisco de Argandoña, it now serves as a military school.
  •   Museo de la Recoleta: Established by the Franciscan Order in the early 16th century. Displays anonymous paintings from the 16th to 20th centuries.
  •   Dinosaur tracks: located just 5 kilometers outside of Sucre, at the cement factory with the world's largest dinosaur tracks site, with over 150 varieties of tracks, and over 5,000 impressions from the cretacic period.
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