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Cities In Mexico
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Playa del Carmen
Puerto Vallarta
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NRCSA Center: University of Guadalajara
Guadalajara, Mexico  


About The NRCSA Center

Originally founded in 1792, the University of Guadalajara is among the largest and most respected institutions of higher learning in Mexico. The Foreign Student Studies Center, part of the University, was established in 1948 to offer foreign students the opportunity to learn Spanish as well as acquire knowledge of Mexican and Latin American culture. Latin American studies courses include history, art, economics, literature, philosophy, etc. The Foreign Student Studies Center has on average each year 2,500 students from a wide variety of nations.

The Foreign Student Studies Center has two primary goals:
  •   To help the non-Spanish speaking student learn enough linguistic skills to communicate in Spanish in real-life settings.
  •   To offer "cultural" courses in social and humanities areas to students interested in learning more about the Latin American reality. These courses are taught by teachers holding advanced academic degrees of the University.

The school has extensive facilities:

  •   Benjamin Franklin Library - Next door to Center facilities, this library contains more than 10,400 volumes in English and Spanish, and includes audio/visual materials, magazines, newspapers and access to the internet.
  •   Multimedia language lab - The Foreign Student Studies Center is the only Spanish language school in Mexico to have a multimedia language lab. In this laboratory students work under the supervision of their professor who elaborates controlled-practice exercises according to the material presented in class. In each practice, the professor presents new linguistic topics and promotes teamwork. This activity not only stimulates the reading comprehension skills and linguistic content, but also promotes oral interaction. This laboratory is also used to give special courses and seminars that require simultaneous translation, remote-location conferences, etc.
  •   Computer room - Students have access to computers and for a modest charge can use word processing facilities and have their own personal e-mail account
  •   Cafeteria - This provides breakfast, lunch, snacks and goodies.
  •   Foreign currency exchange - The Foreign Student Studies Center offers its services to change foreign currency or travelers' checks, on two days of the week, without charging a special commission.
  •   Mail and fax - Students at the Center can receive and send mail through our mail service. Faxes can be received also for a minimal charge.
  •   Shop - The Center's shop sells tee-shirts, souvenirs, phone cards, pencils, pens, maps, stamps, as well as providing a photocopying service and mail box.
  •   Tourist information - Up-to-date tourist information is provided on what to do, how, when and where in the city of Guadalajara and surrounding areas.


About Guadalajara

Gudalajara was founded in 1542. Known as the "City of the Roses", it is in fact the second most important city in is the cradle of Mexican folklore and the traditional culture that is most representative of the nation: mariachi music, charrería and tequila. The city enjoys a temperate climate that averages 27 degrees centigrade or 80 degrees Fahrenheit the year round. It has a culture of rural tradition, now complemented by modern industrial development and commercial expansion

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