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NRCSA Center: Spanish Language School - Granada, Spain  


About the NRCSA Center

The school was founded in 1989, and is recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education and by the "Instituto Cervantes", which is the official entity that promotes the Spanish Language and culture throughout the world. Perfection in work and enthusiasm for every task it develops is part of school's philosophy. The school retains membership in FIYTO, BELTA, NAFSA, ALTO, UNION LATINA, AEEM, AMACFE, and AECAE. The school has been certified by CEELE (Certificate of teaching Spanish as a foreign language), authorized by the department of Spanish language of the University of Alcala, Madrid, and the Asociacion de Espanol como Recurso Economico.

Students of all levels and ages above 16 years are welcomed into the school's programs, from university students to executives and professionals, creating a culturally diverse and stimulating environment.

The following services are offered to students:
  •   Sending and receiving E-mail free of charge
  •   Library with books on a wide variety of subjects including novels and classical Spanish Literature
  •   Video & Computer Rooms
  •   Exchange Conversation lessons between Spanish and International students

All teachers have a Bachelor in Arts (Degrees on Linguistics, Literature, History, etc.) and are all specialized in the Teaching of Spanish as a Second Language with special teacher training courses and a Masters in the teaching of Spanish as a second language. The teachers make up a young and dynamic team with a large experience in this field.


About Granada


The legend of Boabdil, the last King of the Moors of Granada, is still alive. After the Christians conquered the city in 1492, he was banished into exile. At a certain point from the city, he turned around to take one last look at his beloved Granada, sank his head and began to weep. In that moment he remembered his mother's words, do not cry as a woman for something that you were unable to defend as a man. Anyone who has visited Granada at least once can understand Boabdil because the atmosphere of Granada is fantastic each and every day.

Learn Spanish in GranadaGranada is a scenic city at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, a relic of a thousand and one nights. The warmest coast in Europe, the "Costa Tropical" can be reached within 45 minutes. The highest mountain of the Iberian Peninsula is also at an arm's distance. Granada, the cradle of the most diverse cultures, was always a beloved city. Romantic 19th century intellectuals lived here, as well as the ancient Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians and the Moorish. Granada is certainly the city in Europe with the most evident traces of the Moor empire. The majesty of the Alhambra Palace dominates the city. The Albaicin, the gypsies' quarter, the Sacromonte with the small rebuilt pubs and Flamenco stages are all witness to a lively past.

Granada Spanish SchoolFor centuries Granada was ruled by many Caliphs and dynasties. This has left a strong imprint on the architecture and adds to the magical fairy-tale atmosphere. Granada was the last stronghold of Islamic Spain and the Arabs finally succumbed to Isabel and Ferdinand (the catholic monarchs) in 1492. The Muslims and the Jews were forced to leave the country or convert to Christianity. At the same time Christopher Columbus came to Granada to ask Isabel and Ferdinand for a grant to build ships. They gave him the money and surely, you already know the rest.

Study Spanish in GranadaHowever, Granada is not just history. The "Granadinos" say that what counts is now. Granada is a lively university city with about 60,000 students which of course influences the vibrant nightlife. Meeting new people and chatting in Spanish is an important part of the learning process. There are plenty of terrace bars where you can have tapas as well as discos, bars with live music etc. The main action is centred around the streets "Pedro Antonio de Alarcón" and "Plaza Nueva".



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